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Was back at South Mountains on Saturday. After my last prepared squirmy was lost, I took a strand of the raw squirmy material and tied it to a bare hook. They still ate it up! After losing that, I went back to a Y2K. Where have these flies been all my life? The rainbows loved them!

The brookies wouldn't budge at either of these flies, so I tied on a GRHE and BAM! One of them didn't actually take my fly; after a heck of a fight complete with a good run (I never knew brookies to run) I thought I had gut-hooked it. Upon closer inspection, it had an egg or something gut hooked and my GRHE caught the woolly bugger that was above the other fly. Tried to get the stuck fly out but he had already been fighting for a while and was getting woozy, so I put him back in the water, held him until he could move on his own, and hoped the fly would come out naturally.

I almost felt bad the rest of the day; these fish get torn up by every fisherman and his brother. Of course, that didn't stop me from having fun fighting rainbows.

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