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Went to falls today to try about 5 hours of crappie fishing. Got delayed since wife really want to have a sit down lunch. I got my minnows an got to lake about 1:30. Started with slip bobber at about 12 feet. As I was getting other rods ready and got a nice bite took bobber under but let go and minnow was still on. Next I added two more rods both with crappie rigs. On fishing on bottoms and other suspended at about 20 feet. Not another bite and the wind started picking up. Gave up at 3:30 so headed to Lynn to try for something.

Worked a senko for almost an hour finally switched to a crank. moved to my third spot and put on a red eyed share 3/4 oz. Third cats I feel the pull and fish on. Had all 6 hooks in mouth and gills got it aboard photographed and on its way.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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