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Hi all!

I was in the State Park at Stone Mountain yesterday and wanted to provide some general feedback on how the various streams were fishing.
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I arrived around 10am and with it being a Friday and 65/sunny the park was quite crowded. As always with the East Prong of the Roaring River which is the DH section of the park was full of fisherman. I was fortunate to pull this beauty out on one of my first casts after finding a more remote section of the stream in a deep pool
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After moving around a few more pools I was thrilled to receive continued action from hungry Browns. This was landed about an hour in on a large wasp looking dropper
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To end the day, I ventured over to Widows creek in pursuit for native trout in a more wild stream setting. Unfortunately this did not yield any results and the fish seemed few and far in between here, it was still a beautiful stretch of remote stream and nice to be away from the crowded sections of the DH.

Overall, despite the heavy pressure and lack of enforcing regulations the state park at Stone Mountain continues to fish well due to the large volume of fishable streams. The water levels being up due to much needed recent rain was also very welcome.
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