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Stone Mtn. trout

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Hey guys,

I'm relatively new to the area and was thinking of doing a quick day trip on Saturday. With rain in the forecast, does anyone know how well East Prong Roaring River or any of the other streams at Stone Mountain hold water/clarity?

Thanks in advance for your help
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You should be ok at Stone Mountain. It is high enough it doesn't get too bad usually. Fun place to fish and usually plenty of fish in the river.

Take a kid outdoors!
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I went there last Sunday after the rains and it wasn't bad. The water was higher and moving faster than usual, but it wasn't muddy like some of the other streams. They apparently stocked it last Tuesday. Did pretty well with nymphs and san juan worms. Also saw a lot of deer in the park. You can call or email the park for conditions - they've been good at responding to emails that I've sent in the past.

As a sidenote, we saw a few people fishing with bait and one person with trout in his possession.

I've heard a few times now that people poach/fish illegally a lot on that stream. If that's so well known, why won't rangers or wardens do something about it?

Did you say anything to them?
That's when it's time for a "citizen's arrest". I always say something to those poaching jerks. There's an 800 number you can call to report violations, but the perps usually leave after you are on to them, and before the warden can get there.
The rangers drive along the road and when we spoke with them, they seemed to be aware of the problem. My dad and a couple other fisherman coming out of a wild trout stream got their licenses checked. Don't know why others don't get checked. The people we saw with trout were off the road a ways and we did say something to them - did'nt seem to phase them. One of the guys had a container of worms and a few dead trout in his possession. I was going to get a license number on the way out, but they left before us. Had some other people ask how we did and if we kept any. I don't know if they didn't know anybetter, or just didn't care.
Has anybody hit the wild streams there this year. I had horrible luck last summer on Garden Creek to which I attributed to extremely low water and possibly some mortality from the drought. Just didn't seem to spook nearly as many fish as usual. The previous times up that creek in earlier years were very productive. I usually use dries (basically any pattern that floats well and stays up for extended periods, size 14.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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