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Location Here

fished there Friday, 3/21/08. rented a boat with a friend and fished mid-morning until ca. 4pm. not a great fishing day (front had just come through) -- caught one 1.5lb bass on my ultralight with a beetle spin. but beautiful lake -- small enough to cover with a kayak, but large enough to be interesting -- lots of coves and downed timber along the banks.

will definitely go back with my kayak. don't know the history of the lake, specifically how productive it has been. thanks for any info if you've fished the lake or know others who have.

launch fees for alamance county lakes are very reasonable -- may be only $4.00. More info HERE.

just fyi -- i'm on a quest to locate good bass fishing lakes near me (i live in hillsborough), esp. since cane creek reservoir is closed this year. (that's where i did most of my bass fishing last year.)
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