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I've started using two stake poles. One is an 8' on a trolley on my left side. The trolley, rope etc are not an issue at all. I use a modified surf board leash to attach the pole to the trolley rope with a quick disconnect. I'm right handed and keep my paddle on the right side. The second pole is a 6' pole that is attached to a small 1/2 loop looking thing that my kayak came with on the right side. It is tethered with an 18" piece of 3/8'' bungee chord that has a loop on one end to slide on the pole and the other end has a stainless clip for the link that's on the kayak. My problem is with this one. It gets in the way with the paddle as I'm deploying it or bringing in. I don't really see an answer to this and I have a feeling I'll just have to deal with the slight inconvenience of using it. I've found it is extremely useful and I'll not go with a single pole again. I can situate my kayak perfectly with it and it even allows me to point the nose of the kayak in about a 60* angle while still being stable and not swaying. I just plain the trolley pole, run it all the way forward, point the boat so it will sit steady with both poles about mid way and run the trolley toward the middle. This tightens the trolley rope as well a the bunny so the yak sits stable. Any idea on storage are appreciated. Clips really won't work well in my situation BTW.

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