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The Central/Southern(C/S) Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday, April 17, at 6 p.m., at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Washington Regional Office located at 943 Washington Square Mall, Washington.

The Central/Southern FMP Committee will receive a presentation on the objective of the FMP, which is to determine management recommendations on the Central/Southern Striped Bass Fishery to present to the MFC. The committee will also review the background of the fishery and holder actions from the 2004 FMP (measures to reduce gill net discard and recreational measures.

The committee will receive a presentation from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission on a spawning stock assessment issue paper and a presentation of a management measures issue paper from Division of Marine Fisheries staff. The committee will also discuss management options and select preferred management measures for the two holdover items.

17 April 2007
WARO Conference Room
943 Washington Square Mall
Washington, NC 6:00pm


- Introductions and Public Comment

- Today’s Objective & Background- Katy West
- Objective-Determine management recommendations to present to the MFC
- Background- Reduce F (Target 61-66% reduction, Threshold 42-49%)
- Holdover actions from 2004 FMP
- Measures to reduce gill net discard
- Recreational measures

- Review of WRC Spawning Stock Assessment Issue Paper- Chad Thomas

- Review of Management Measures Issue Paper
- Commercial Discard-Mike Potthoff
- Recreational-Doug Mumford

- Discussion on Management Options and selection of preferred management measures for the 2 holdover items.
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