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Striper Fishing at the bay tunnel

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Fished tue and wed in Virginia at the bay tunnel. On tues. we started off at the cabbage patch and had one pull off. Move to the 3rd and 4th island around lunch. Alot of birds working that area. Caught three, all around the 25lb range. Moved up to the high rise around 5:00 and it was on. Caught 11, all in the 30 to 40 lb range. WHAT A BLAST. All fish were caught on live ells and all the bigger fish were caught in about 65 ft of water with 5 turns up. Wed was a different story, wind was blowing hard and very ruff. Tried fishing ells with no luck, hard to keep boat still and bait down. Switch over to trolling umberella rigs and caught one around cabbage patch about 30lbs. Came back to Sanford around 12. Good trip with good friends. Hope this helps and good luck. Pictures coming soon.
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Just talked to a friend of mine that went down this morning, He said it was ruff this morning and waited until this afternoon to go out. He caught 11 trolling single sassy shad on the 30ft hump at the 3rd and 4th island. He said he had several 40lb + fish. He is headed out again tomorrow, will post report.
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Planned a trip Wed PM. Too much wind for my boat. If it lays down going Fri. PM.
This year I have been casting at the 3rd, 4th, and 1st, but the tide needs to be ripping. I'll let you know how it goes.
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