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Hi, everyone. Wondered if anyone had a few names and phone numbers of striper fishing guides in the New Bern area. Also, is the Neuse River a good striper fishing area. Someone also said the Roanoke River was good striper fishing - if that is so what NC towns are in that area that would have striper fishing guides?

Thanks for your assistance. I am new to the area.


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Hey Arthur,
Weldon, NC is the famous place for Roanoke River stripers.

Not sure if you saw this thread on Weldon:
[/FONT] in there is a link to a blog article on fishing the Weldon Striper run:[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

There is also a recommendation to contact Roanoke River Outfitters for info - they would probably know who guides out of there.

Maybe some of the other striper guys out here can add some info on Weldon guides.
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