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With all the recent posts regarding Smallmouth fishing, I couldn't wait to try my luck on Saturday. I hit the water around 8:00 a.m. and while I usually try to target multiple species, I decided to just focus on trying to catch some bigger Smallmouth. I have learned a lot from all the Smallmouth posts and owe many members thanks, but Fish_Fiend's advice of a speedcraw was the ticket on Saturday. I ended up with 7 Smallmouth, the largest around 20 inches and multiple around the 15 inch mark. Sorry I don't have better pictures, but I was fishing by myself and after some quick pictures, wanted to get them back in the water. I have had some good days fishing, but this one was by far my best chasing the bronzebacks and I was in awe of God's creation throughout the trip. Anyway, the Smallmouth action seems to be heating up and hopefully as the weather continues to warm, we'll continue to see some more big fish being caught.

Tight Lines,


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