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I spent 9 hours wading today. Took the fly rod of course with high hopes and somewhat low expectations. I'm getting the hang of it nicely and quickly I think. I tied on an elk hair caddis that received lots of attention but the fish would never commit fully. I tied on a Dave's Hopper with a nymph dropper with no luck (lost both of those). Then came the black wooly bugger. This thing is the ticket.

First 8 fish were rock bass and redbreasts. This made my day alone seeing how I haven't caught any of those little bass in ages. None of them were large but I had a nice sized one come out from under a rock 3 times after the fly only to spit it out immediately. I wish I would've caught it.

The last two fish were interesting. This was my first river long rod trip. I didn't expect to catch a trout even though that's what I was targeting ultimately. I seen a few trout as I approached a pool and spooked them. Minutes later I landed the beautiful rainbow pictured. This is where I think luck played a huge part. I moved on up river and maybe an hour after I caught the rainbow it happened. I hook into and pull from the depths the biggest trout I've ever brought to hand. I had no way of measuring it but it was mid twenties or there about!!! It was a pig in my book and a formidable opponent on the fly rod. I wanted to stay longer but I had reached my stopping destination and headed back to civilization.

I may as well sale every piece of spinning gear I own. It'll do nothing but collect dust from here on out.

I seen two snakes that looked exactly like small copperheads. Watersnakes? I don't know and frankly don't care. Also, I found a neat looking snail/slug and took a quick picture.

As always, I hauled out beer cans, sardine cans, wads of fishing line and a metal bracket of some sort.

I took a pic of this bluehead chub that was barely alive with something funky going on with his head and eyes.


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