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Artificial Reef 342 is 3 miles out of Bogue Inlet. You could anchor and bottom fish it or slow drift with the current. You could troll by planar board or slow troll live mullet or menhaden. That depth is about 50' out there so you'll have plenty of water column to fish. I was on 315 a few weeks ago. The spanish were thick up top. We were slowing trolling catching spanish but we saw a boat anchored casting to them topwater doing quite well. You might pick up a king trolling a live bait or a dead cigar.

Otherwise you could troll the beaches if the water is clear. But generally that's an early morning thing before it gets too hot (for me).

The issue lately has been wind. There's been a stiff S to SW for almost two weeks. Watch your tides and the wind leaving Bogue Inlet. I hear Bogue Inlet channel can be thin and shallow at times. I fish out of Beaufort Inlet so I don't have real experience with it. There is a forum thread about Bogue Inlet posted a few days ago giving advice on the path out.

Good luck.
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