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Hello all,

It has been since Easter since I have posted about myself on here. Mainly because I have set my goals for this summer to spend the majority of my time at my favorite honey hole. I have fished other places (don't think I am too crazy) and have enjoyed gaining confidence on Norman catching some citation spotted bass. I have been aiming to get another 8lber + (caught a 7 Easter weekend) and after that worry about numbers. It has been a little over a month since I have been home and it definitely has been a slow summer for me. 19 total bass, a lot of skunks, but some nice ones far. I have caught a 4, 5, and 6 so far this summer and hoping the 8+ will come soon because I am ready to get going on the numbers game. Just wanted to post to let you all know I still fish and catch as well haha. It has been great seeing all of continue to wear out the fish on here and hopefully I will get out with some of you and catch some together. I am always down for a kayak outing or anything!

Summer hogs (so far :) )

4lb 19'' off a wacky rig black trick worm

5lb 3oz 20.5'' off a c-rig junebug trick worm

6lb 10oz 21.5'' black trick worm shaky head

Thanks for Reading :)
Tight Lines!
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