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Went out to some wrecks off Atlantic Beach this morning and had some pretty good and very surprising results. Left the dock right when the sun was rising and cast netted about 60 menhaden. The light north and east winds made the cruise to the fishing grounds seem more like a pleasure cruise. Got our lines set in anticipation of catching one of the large kings that have seem to be around the area. To our surprise the downrigger pops and after a brief tussle cobia number one meets the gaff. After a lull in the action we decided to jig off the bottom and my friend hooks up with cobia number 2. He soon also meets the gaff and into the fish box he goes.

On the way back to the dock we stop to mess around and see if we can't catch a large spanish or two. We get the lighter rods out (abu garcia 6600 c4 with ugly stik lite rods) and tie on some spanish live bait rigs. A few minutes after the lines are set the little abu starts to scream. After about 100 yards of line melts off the reel I am already thinking that we may have hooked a nice king. After several minutes and some more good runs, up pops Mr. Barracuda. What a great fight on the light gear. After some dental surgery on Mr. Cuda we release him back to take up his landlord residence on the wreck. All in all it was a beautiful and surprising day.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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