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We went on vacation to my Aunt and Uncles place at Sunset Harbor. I intended to do quite a bit if fishing, but sometimes things don't turn out like you planed. First, I was dependant upon my uncles boat and wasn't able to take it out the first half of the week due to circumstances I won't go into. I tried a little pier fishing but had no success. However, my cousins girl, who has just found she has a passion for fishing, landed a nice 12" flounder. She wanted to keep it some kinda bad, and I was tempted, but finally told her we had to release it because it wasn't big enough.

On Wednesday nite, we finally got the boat out and went floundering. The moon was out and the tide was being fickle so we had no luck there either. On top of it all, I got sick and chummed the water (still no luck). :p A stomach bug kept me out of commission all day thursday and most of the day friday.

My cousin and I took his son and nephew out on saturday morning with the rod and reels. We weren't doing any serious fishing but really had fun with the boys. We all caught at least one (mostly croakers) and came in about lunchtime when we ran out of shrimp bait.

Not as much fishing as I'd have liked, but hey, at least I wasn't at work!
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