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You just never hear much about surf fishing action in that area. The farther south you go in NC the less the action you hear about.
What I look for surf fishing is structure. Rock outcroppings, sloughs, and sandbars.
Some structure is quite obvious while others you have to know what to look for on the dry beach as well as look at what the water is doing itself.

Dry beach I am looking for for a small area where fine crushed shells have piled up. Obviously different from the rest of the beach. Then I poke around that area looking for sand flea SHELLS, pieces of crab shell and pieces of baitfish. The piled shells signify a cut in a sandbar. The sand flea shells and crab pieces signify feeding fish within the last tide cycle most probably.

Looking at water is hard to teach over the internet but I start by looking at the water that has crashed on the beach. Watch what it does. It washes up the beach and straight back in OR it washes up and goes left or right on it's way back in.
You may have a wave go left and a few yards down the beach another wave goes right.

In other words, 2 seperate unnattached waves crash on the beach within seconds of each other and they both arc around and go back out in the same place. That is probably going to signify a rip. That is when I look out at the actual waves to see what they are doing and verify a rip. There is quite a few videos on Youtube explaining and showing this with dye in the ocean water.

My personal surf fishing creedo. If you aren't hanging you aren't catching.
If you'll notice, there are certain relatively short periods of time during the year that some people surf fish.
I don't fish those times as much as I do the times they don't fish. It's how and where you fish. You put yourself in a nasty rocky environment on a beach that is going to break your wallet in terminal tackle, you'll find fish. Flounder, drum, tarpon, croaker, hogfish, pin fish. They'll all be around in the vicinity. That nasty rig stealing rock is their refrigerator.

Some of my largest red drum and what I call a large drum is 30 pounds and up, have come in the month of August from the surf fishing at night. It's not as good a fishing as some other times might be but there are still some hogs around the beaches.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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