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My favorite wild rainbow stream just became more interesting. I headed out early to beat the crowds at my very accessible but favorite wild rainbow stream. I finally had a good day after several frustrating trips this year and got a slam within the first hour and added a horny head to boot. The rainbow came first, then a nice brown that surprised me since it had par marks and red dots (although it was most likely a stocker that swam up and had been in the stream for awhile). The biggest surprise was a wild brook, which I have never caught here, being a relatively low elevation stream. Caught about 90% today on a flashback BHPT. The flash seemed to be important as other nymphs did not work, unless it had flash. The brook took a flash psycho nymph. The last fish of the day took the dry, which was a nice way to end the day.

Definitely a face only a mother could love

My first surprise brown with dots starting to turn red

My real surprise on this stream - wild brook

From this hole

This brown was most likely a stocker that swam way up

This happened a lot today

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I love fishing those smaller creeks like that! How long of a fly rod do you use? I'm not usually brave enough or patient enough to try flinging flies with that little room. Congrats on the slam!
It's evident from my recent posts that I have just entered the realm of the long rod. Contrary to popular belief is the fact that fly fishing takes loads of open space. Not the case.

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