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I found the attached map last week right before my neighbor and I went fishing at Sutton Lake.
If you're taking a boat and have not been there before:
1 - LOOK OUT FOR STUMPS!!! They are all over the place. The average depth is between 5-6 feet but those stumps will eat your boat.
2 - The dredge ditches in lakes 2-8 are about 10-20 feet from the inner shoreline. Don't be surprised if you feel you are "too close" to the shoreline. Just watch your depth finder.
3 - There is a pass through from lake 1 into 5. IF you go through it, DO NOT motor through. Use your trolling motor and have a push stick ready. It's very stumpy but I was able to get through without touching/bumping anything (that's with my 250+ pound neighbor at stern).
4 - The lake is VERY VERY clear and the fish are VERY VERY skittish. Gotta be sneaky like a ninja. In the six hours we were out there, my neighbor caught the one and only fish on an Alabama rig. Then again, that was our first time and the water temp was close to 90... not so good for fishing.
5 - There is apparently a "hot ditch" that flows into lake 1 that comes from the power plant. It's great to fish there in the early spring and as the summer approaches each lake starts to warm up (one after the other) so the pre-spawn starts in the hot ditch, then lake 1, then 2, then 3, so on to lake 8.
6 - The boat ramp is a shallow ramp which makes loading/unloading pretty easy.
7 - There are NO bathrooms. If you gotta go, find a tree and bring some toilet paper.
8 - The lake is beautiful, but if it's hot, sunny, and no wind, it's brutal. But on the other end, if it's too windy it gets crazy choppy (I don't recommend kayak fishing at that point - been there, done that).
9 - Have fun. Regardless of whether you catch anything, have fun.
10 - I wanted to give 10 pointers but couldn't think of a 10th.

Good luck and have fun!


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-Also there are Snakes and Gators.
-Other than the road in, ramp area and the lake itself, everywhere else you are trespassing on Duke Property.
-Ramp can be tricky depending on the wind.
-Spring and fall there are tournaments and a Saturday can be very crowded. Danny Joe had over fifty (50) boats in their spring tournament.
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