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sutton lake

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Hi everyone, I'm fishing Sutton Lake tommorow for the first time. If anyone has any tips they want to pass on, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks
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I have not fished there in a very long time and never enough to be thoroughly familiar with it. One tip that I would always give someone new to Sutton is be careful. it is relatively shallow and there are a lot of under watrer hazards via blow downs, stumps, etc.
Thanks Live Bait for the info. My friend and I will be carefull. He has fished Sutton many times, so I'm looking forward to his knowlege also.:)
so creekmaster, how did your trip to sutton lake go. I found a ride and fished the lake on sunday. Looked like a tournament was going on. We did not catch any thing the wind kept us off balance. Seemed that the others were catching a couple although a bit small for this lake. My best fish to date was from the pier w/beetle spin, 21'' 5lb. bass
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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