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Spent last week in the Emerald Isle area.

Got out monday early and started the week out right with a 23" redfish right near the swansboro bridge. Caught on a white Zman shad about an hour after high tide in about 2-3" of water. Great first redfish for my son and the fight was great- wish we had a go pro. We moved to another spot and it got a 13" flounder on a silver and blue kastmaster just off the channel near swansboro bridge.

We we did a full day trip on the Carolina princess on Tuesday and it was pretty rough. Several vermillion snapper and the guy next to us got a good size red snapper. Also got a few black snapper and some others. 2 guys got Amber jacks but that's about as exciting as it got. Boat was packed being a holiday week. That was our first full day trip and there were lots of people chumming the water with the seas high.

It got really windy the rest of the week. We tried what looked to be some great spots on Wednesday on the falling tide, sneaking up into some marshes. Bait fish all around but not a single bite from anything but lizard fish. Surf fished at Indian beach and got a few small blues on a bluefish rig with finger mullet. I did get something hooked for about 30 seconds in the surf that started screaming drag out and then all of the sudden it spit the hook. It must have been huge, maybe a shark or a big redfish? Would like to have landed that.

Got skunked surf fishing on Thursday at ft Macon but did see one guy land a small redfish from the surf.


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