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Go to the following website for reviews of new product reviews and information on ICAST(Fishing trade show for the press and buyers). Look around and you might find the Daiwa Steez reel that was customized with a 600 year old Japanese art form. Cool site.
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Don't forget that we have a product "Reviews" section of that I would love to build upon. If any of you have products that you'd like to add a review about send me an email and I'll add the product with photos to the Review section. You'll then be able to add your review of it. Of course you can add products yourself to the system if you'd like and just let me know if you need any assistance. The idea behind the Review system is to build a database of information on products of interest to anglers. If you have an opinion about a product, good or bad, add your input to the Reviews section. It will benefit other anglers looking for similar products.

I'm continuing to build our eStore as well and have just added the ability to Review products in there. Just go to the product you've purchased and enter your review at the bottom of the page. I could really use your input on products you'd like to see in the eStore and why you would or would not purchase one there. Thanks for your help! :cool:
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