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This program was started in June of 2006 to take members of the Wounded Warriors barracks at Camp LeJeune fishing in an effort to build their morale. I had the privilege of taking the first young Marine out on June 2. Since that time almost $2000 was raised to buy fishing liscences for everyone in the barracks. All told approximately 100 anglers have made fishing trips. The program has expanded to include any member of the military whether active, inactive or retired. It has progressed to web-sites other than where it originated. These sites include Military Appreciation Day - Home and Now other organizations such as the Onslow Co. based Ducks Unlimited have had there own special day in which they took the Wounded Warriors on a dove hunt.

I am posting this to encourage everyone to take the member of the military from next door, firefighter, police officer or rescue squad worker fishing, golfing or hunting. Maybe take them to a concert or just invite them to dinner. Just make sure you tell them thanks!

Please look at the attached flyer and make a copy and put it in your favorite tackle shop. Anyone that wants to modify it for your own military base feel free to, however do not remove the info on Military Appreciation Day.


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