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Just wanted to let everyone know how things are going for this year's clinic. As you know, the new "powers that be" are not as gung ho for this event as Gary was, pretty much leaving Guffy, Mary and I to do most of the leg work this time. Heck, they didn't even put the notice on the park marquee til this weekend. We were stuck on 29 kids for two weeks because no one had bothered to promote it. But it is moving now, and 22 more kids came in today, plus however many they got over the weekend, so it's filling up.
The t shirts are in, prizes are arriving, including the kayak, lifetime fishing license, etc. Guffy and I have been working on the reels, several needed new line, and some had other issues. My wife (Mary) is adding picture taking to her arsenal, Lord knows, she has enough to do there, bless her heart, but "someone" scheduled Shawn to work the marina that day, so he won't be available with his excellent skills of photography. Mary is good with a camera, so we'll be fine.
If anyone would like to help us do the set up on Friday the tenth, we will be meeting for breakfast at Tex and Shirley's at 800. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks again for all you guys do. You are most certainly the best!
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