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Tar/Pamlico 3/3

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Heading out the door to see what I can find today. Putting in at Tranters Creek/Mason's Landing. Probably fish Bear creek and up towards Grimesland for Crappie/Stripers and search for Shad. Full report tonight...wish me luck! Honey Do'ed all weekend painting the bedroom and bought new furniture, so now it's my turn!
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hope you did good today.. im off tomorrow.. i may try to go that direction too.
Well, I worked way to hard to get what I got ..LOL!... Chunked a spoon for awhile then a Mepps then I started soaking crappie minnows and shiners around Bear creek. Caught 2 decent LM Bass 2lb and 2.5lb both on shiners, One channel cat, One gar, One bowfin, lost one nice slab Crappie at the boat and caught 2 crappie under 10". Saw lots of bait on the fishfinder, even saw alot of minnows cruising around, fished alot of different drops/holes and actually caught both LM Bass around tree roots in less than 3 ft of water. Saw some nice LM Bass caught by another guy using a football jig and craw in pumkinseed and brown. he caught a nice 5lb one right close to my boat as he eased by... " I jokingly said "Hey man that's my fish! " He laughed and said ok, you can catch it and dropped it back in..LOL!
There were several folks playing "Hooky" today from work..LOL!. Saw 2 guys catch a few small crappie and one small Striper. Water is still 51-52 degrees and even by late afternoon in the creek it was just 52 so we still have a little ways to go before it gets going. No shad, no one saw or caught any I talked to. The creek was popular today and everyone was chatting as they passed... 14 rigs in the ramp parking when I got there @ 9:30 There were only 2 left at 5:30 and I was one.
Not one of my best days but not a skunk! I'll be so glad when Spring arrives!!
Everything was caught on minnows. I did get one hit on a Johnson spoon and it pulled good for about 3 seconds...LOL!!
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that Sounds Good Drop, I'm Going To Play More This Spring With The Ole Football Jig, I've Just Got To Slowwwwwwwwwwww Down............chris
Sounds like that last one on the spoon for 3 seconds, might have been a bowfin. They are notorious for holding on and then letting go. They have a bony mouth and hard to get a hook in them.

The water warms quicker on in the shallows and the bass will be there. Flipping and pitching up into the trash will yield some nice bass.

Great day there DP.:cool:
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