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Since I started the Teach a Kid to Fish clinics with Gary 8 years ago, the response has been terrific. At our meeting this evening, we learned that the Wildlife Commission will have observers present again, and this time, they'll be taking notes in an effort to continue to use our class as a model, the prototype for similar programs across our state.
Brad, who replaced Gary after he retired, has done an amazing job getting it together. He did the Youth Fishing Derby at Oak Hollow Lake prior to coming to HPCL, but that is a tournament format, not an instructional class, so he is kinda new to this, ya might say.
Still, our good friend Guffey from here, my wife Mary, and I have helped him get his feet wet and he has done fantastic. This thing isn't easy to put on, and Brad deserves kudoes!
To the point.
Although we have other volunteers, and we appreciate them all very much, there's no one like the guys from NCANGLER!
Since I joined the site and asked for help, the response from our guys has been unreal. It has gotten to the point to where the event really depends on our guys, because of their expertise, and willingness to come and share that with the next generation of NC anglers.
I have been on other fishing sites, and met some good folks, but the guys here are the best. Nice people with a love for fishing, and the desire to pass that on, to help a child learn a sport that may keep them off the streets someday.
I cannot say it enough.
Thanks again to the great folks at NCANGLER!
See y'all May 3rd!
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