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Tell me about your worst (or best) game warden interaction.

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Here's mine:

My mother and her ex-husband had went out to the Tuckasegee river in Cullowhee, NC to do some fishing. They were on a friend's property, just feet from the river.

They had some brand-new, unassembled poles and live bait sitting on the ground next to them, but had not yet begun to fish when a game warden strolled up (on private property!) and asked for their fishing licenses. Neither of them had one, but believed that being on private property allowed them to fish without.

This a**hole proceeds to write them both tickets, but they argued with him, saying "look, we haven't assembled the poles!" The arguing continued for a bit and then he arrested them both. I had to go meet them at the magistrate's office and sign for their release.

Later in court, the game warden lied and said they had their poles in the water. Luckily for my mother and her ex, their friend had several cameras on the property and he had brought the footage to the hearing.

My mother's lawyer asked the GW "So, they had lines in the water with bait?" And the GW says yes. That's when the lawyer said "Well, we have the home security footage from the entire day, and it seems to contradict that..."

The GW and the judge were both blown away. Finally, the judge charged the GW with perjury and contempt and several other minor charges pertaining to civil servants. Plus, he lost his job, my mother and her ex's charges were dropped, and then the court made that GW compensate them financially for the loss of time, work, etc...

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Over the years I have been checked many times while fishing, deer hunting, and quail hunting. I have to say that in every instance the game wardens, whether State or Forest Service, have been polite and professional. Some downright friendly and very chatty. Now living on the Pamlico River, retired and fishing several times a week, I am checked 2-3 times a year.

On one occasion I had left my wallet at home so did not have my license. The GW offered to check over the radio by referencing my drivers license number, which I knew by heart. He spent about 20 minutes working on it with no success, while I maintained my license had been renewed and I was good to go. He said he had to ticket me, but if I would meet him at court 10 minutes early and show him my license he would drop the charges and explain to the judge—and that is exactly what happened. Turns out the kid renewing my license at Wal-Mart had transposed two numbers of my DL, and that is why the GW could not find me in the system. I saw that GW two more times that season, but he just waved and rode on by.
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I was down on Jordan with a coveted turkey permit during the first year of the fake pandemic and instead of the usual 1-2 trucks there were like 40 cars parked. Some lady warden from up in Caswell Co she said checked my permit and I told her that 90 percent of these cars have no permit and she could write tickets till midnight if she cared to stick around. Of course it was Friday and she was kinda hot so she couldn't be bothered to stick around. And of course my three day hunt was ruined by the scum that trolls these NC forums as non members trying to internet scout secret hot spots. One wonders when the Admins will get a clue that one should be a member to read and why nobody posts catch threads anymore.
Lordy this was over 50 yrs ago when I was only 15 years old (license not required to fish). I was fishing from a pier on Lake Hickory and I saw the game warden coming in his boat. When he got close, I took off running.
He managed to land his boat and give chase. I must have ran 400- 500 yrds and stopped and turned around. He grabbed and wanted to see my licenses and I said I was only 15 yrs old. He wanted to know why I ran. I told him I just wanted to know if he would chase me.
I thought that really funny. He did NOT.
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