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Just wanted to share that I tried to visit the Teton Fly Reels web-site and apparently they are not in buisness any longer. I clicked on a link that came up when I did the search to a forum and some members there were discussing rumors that Teton may have filed bankruptcy. Anyone considering purchasing a Teton Fly Reel might want to take this into consideration.

Its really to bad, I own a Teton Tioga Size 8 and think very highly of it. I was also considering buying a Teton for my 4 wt rig. About a year ago I had to send my Tioga in because I messed up the drag when I was tinkering with it and they provided outstanding customer support free of charge. I have also talked with several other owners of Teton products and have never once heard anything other than positive remarks about their products.

I really dont think you could really find a better fully machined alumium American Made fly reel for the price.
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