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Thanks for the resource

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Glad I searched and found this site.

I grew up in Nebraska with bass, bullhead, walleye, etc. It's been a long time, and I think I forgot everything, but the 7 yr. old needs to learn so I'll learn with him.

Where do we need to go near Durham/RTP for a chance at some modest fishing success (for fun)?

Thanks All.
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Most any of your local lakes will offer various types of fishing. There are some real hidden treasures around in some local farm ponds.
raleigh is full of ponds, lakes and a couple of tailwaters. Jordan, fall of the neuse, sharon harris are your bigger lakes, but there are many smaller city lakes and state parks. go to the nc wildlife resources comm. website and it will direct you to some public fishing areas. also try some tackle shops. there are several guys who are on this site from that area, I am just an occasional tourist to that part of the state.
Welcome to the best fishing site in NC! We are glad you found us.

Good luck in all your fishing!
Welcome aboard. A recent discovery for me was Lake Crabtree. If you want to let the 7yo fish "for fun". Unfortunately, you can't keep anything outta there, PCBs. But it's full of pan fish, catfish and some bass.

Just put a worm or a crappie jig under a bobber and you can tear 'em up. I have only tried the canoe/kayak launch at very end of the park, it's a great spot. Go in the afternoon and fish the shadows under the trees.

Good luck!
I work in RTP and have spent the past couple of weeks tracking down various ramps at Jordan.

If you are near 55 or Fayetteville Road, probably the closest ramp to you on Jordan would be the Boating Access Area at Farrington Point (6 free ramps). Take Fayetteville Road to a left on 751. Take 751 to a big white church (I forget the road name, something church or chapel). Take that to where it dead ends at Farrington Point road, take a right across the bridge and your first left to the ramps. If you go to the two ramps on the left, there is a beach and it looks like people shore fish there, otherwise go straight to the four ramps at the end, since there is now a pier there to tie your boat up at while you are parking. It is 15.2 miles from the intersection of 40 and 55, where I work, so if you are closer to Southpoint, you will be even closer.

If you are shore fishing and took a left on Farrington instead of a right, you would pass a Fishing Access Area on your left with a fishing pier before you get to 64.

You are also probably within 20 miles of Falls Lake, can get there to a big pay ramp by taking 50 north off 540 across the lake, or take 98 east a couple more miles to Six Forks Road to 4 free ramps at the Boating Access Area at Upper Bartons Creek. If you were to keep going east on 98, you would cross Falls Lake and there is a Fishing Access Area with parking lot just over the first bridge to the right. Comes up fast though, so be alert for the sign.

I really haven't tried Jordan at all, and have not had a lot of success at Falls (mainly crappie). Since I live all the way over past Wake Forest to the east, I just run up to Kerr lake, bigger lake, less people, and I have caught more fish there. For your area, Jordan is the big lake, known for crappie and striper.

I don't know if a guide that goes by "hotspot" posts here or not, but if not, look on thehulltruth website under the Carolinas section, lots of info on Jordan there.

I have not tried any of the ponds/small lakes over there, but the previous suggestions were good ones to check on.

Good luck, lots of places to explore out there with fishing.
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Best fishing for the shorebound angler is probably the farm ponds and small lakes but you need to get permission and that is a lot of trouble and therefore a putoff for most folks. Normally you will be well recieved when you ask, whether permission is granted or not. I fished a lot of ponds in the Four Oaks/Dunn/smithfield area when I was growing up and some were very good. AL
I know a guy who lives in the creedmoor area who has a pond that could use some good fishing. He sez the kids have contests to see whose cricket can live the longest on the water.....

Shoot me a PM if you'd like me to give him a call.
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