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Thanks to those that came by the booth.

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Just wanted to thank those that were able to stop by the Castaway booth at the Raleigh Bass & Saltwater Expo. We had a great show and hope you all enjoyed it as well.

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Didja sell out of swimbaits?
Corey - I apoligize - I really wanted to come by your booth but we were so busy I never did get away for long enough to make it over. I hope to meet you some other time.

What did you think of the show traffic? This being our first Expo we have nothing to compare it with but Sat & Sunday's traffic seemed pretty good to us.
Nice to meet you Corey. I had lots of ??s but didnt want to pull you away from sales..LOL!! Catch you at the shop some weekday!
I thought the traffic was great on Saturday (I didn't move away from the register for the first 6 and 1/2 hours of the day) and had some heavy spurts on Sunday. Friday was steady for us, but I also have never had a booth at the show so don't have much to compare to. The other vendors I talked to all had positive things to say about this years compared to the past few. We handed out over 3500 cards, so it should turn out well for the shop.

Still have some swimbaits left over, sold a bunch though! MS Slammers are my personal favorites which did not sell all that well for some reason.
Sorry I didn't get over to say hello Corey. I never made it out of or totally around the Jim Graham building myself. I'm glad it was a great show for you. ;)
Corey I wanted to stop in and introduce myself but thankfully, for you, you were busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger.
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