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12-2-07 lake tillery..
water was VERY clear 52-55 degrees. air temp was a miserable 40-58 degrees..

the ycg were in force most of us fish this lake regularly.. at 3pm i was debating what to do. to kill and hour i had 1 lil keeper in the livewell.

as 1/2 of the ycg were sitting in the launch area throwin flukes-i suck with a fluke-. i eye balled a frog on the deck look back at my frog stick. back to the frog then the stick.. ding light bulb went on and idea formed..

i started chunkin da frog second cast i caught a short bass..-this blew my mind-ALL RIGHTY THEN!!! i put the hammer down and taught them-ycg-how it's done..i had 6 blowups, caught 4 short bass -missed a friggin toad- in the end i had 1 lil bass weighed 1 pound 11 onces. only one other person had a keeper bass it went 1 pound 12 onces..-DAM!!- all though it aint about the money the braggin rights are what i wanted...


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ya just missed it!!! Oh well, better days are comin' !!
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