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I took the kids (age 6 and 10) fishing today at a local creek. I told them we were not going to use worms because we were fishing for big fish and that it might be a while before they caught anything.

Needless to say, they busied themselves doing other things.

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I kind of expected this. I also was mostly expecting it when my son's pole jumped off of the stick he had it on and went into the creek.

Who jumped into the creek and caught his pole before it made it to the ocean? I did, yep. To his credit, my boy was already running towards the commotion so he grabbed the rod from me and started to fight the fish. We quickly discovered the drag on his Zebco 202 was set for panfish and the fish he had on the line was pulling much harder than those do. After a quick on the fly adjustment, he managed to get it in.

It's his largest fish so far. The face says it all.

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As for me, I always wondered what was sitting in a particular hole, so I lobbed a minnow in there. As it turns out, a fairly large snapping turtle lives there. We engaged in a tug of war which it eventually won by just spitting the hook out when it got a look at me. It's a shame, I would have liked for the kids to see that monster.
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