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Luckily this summer I did pretty good on Cobia and some other other species. With it being a very poor Striped Bass season I have been pulling from the freezer a lot the these day. I take the time to properly vacuum pack all my fish, when done right the fish hold up great.
Last night I cooked some Cobia on the grill, some of it I used for "Sweet and Sour Cobia Noodle Bowl". It turned out awesome!

It has been pretty cold the last couple days. My cove even froze over a little, here is a picture at low tide of some of the Oysters around the edges.

It never got above freezing yesterday but I took some time to walk around my property and play with my new camera and lens.
Here are a couple pictures I took. Back on the water today if all goes well!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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