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The Good - I took the day off from work to fish with my 15 year old son. We headed for a new blueline in the Wilson area.

The Bad - Fishing was tough. As per our usual on a stream, it was looking like a skunk day. Lots and lots of chubs, but no trout.

The Awesome - After about 2 hours of nothing but warpaint shiners, my son got a nice 9 inch rainbow toward the end of our day. Despite my yelling to keep him in the net (in the water) until I could snap a pic, he released him so no pic. On the second to last pool, almost bereft of hope for the day, I casted in a deep swirling pool. On the third cast in this pool, my dry was absolutely slammed and I caught my biggest wild brown ever. I estimate him at about 11-12 inches.

Tough day of fishing, but I did spend quality time with my son, and as a bonus, caught my biggest wild brown, although it was my only trout of the day. Also, we left early enough to miss the downpour, which could have been dangerous in this drainage.

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