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was talking to a friend about the strangest things that have happened while fishing and thought about what me and 2 other guys did while camping in the park. ( Great Smoky mtns.) we were eating dinner and started to get harrased by raccoons. The raccoons in the park are not afraid of humans and will come right up to you . anyway, we came up with a brilliant idea to catch one one a flyrod. we stripped the hair of a big streamer and wrapped a piece of bacon around it and dangled it in front of the raccoon. on the 2nd or 3rd try my friend Bruce jerked back and the hook stuck in its hand. it definately didn't go the way we thought it would. to see my friend run around in circles trying to stay away from a snapping **** was funny at the time but, 19 years later I have to tell my son these stories about what not to do. everyone knows that teenagers are very bright.:eek:

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Who caught who?
While trout fishin , my Wife -n- I were wading down stream
to what looked like a good run, caught a few and were headin towards the bank. Just one more cast ...I shouted to her ....and WHAM!!!!!
Caught a litle brook.. I said. It's just a small one around 7" .
No prob. Took the hemostats in my left hand to extract the hook
as I held it softly in my right... and as soon as I touched its little mouth!!!
BAMMM!!! The little brook away..and the hook became a permanent fix in my
right ring finger!!!! Burried up past the barb... to where the only thing showing was the shaft of the hook!:mad: Now, I've seen some pro's teach
you how to extract an embedded hook from yourself....but it takes three hands!! Just thankfull that the water was cold enough to numb my it swelled quikley! I tried to pull it out with the hemo's ...until I felt kinda pale!
Forged on accross to meet my Wife ,as I felt somewhat faintish.:eek:
only to let her work on it even more!!! Then she said "ER right away", they
will push it on through n cut of the barb n pull it on out!!
Braceing myself on the tailgate,I took hold of it with the hemostats...
and gave it a quik jerk... just to pull out some tissue!!!:mad:
Allmost to the point of maddness...I then took a good hold of the little trebble... and with one more steady came out!! WHEW!!!
You know after that.. it was like there was no pain at all! WE then continued to fish until we both got our limmits!
That littlle brook taught me a valuable lesson" that we can all get hooked with temptation ,but the best baited hook is loaded with LOVE"
:) FISH ON!!
Hookeye said that.
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