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A couple months ago I made a post in reference to attaching leader to braid.
Add me to the Alberto list .. moved from the uni-uni a couple years ago and haven't looked back
Well, I looked back. I've had good results with the Alberto, but I don't fish hard every day. After spending 21+ out of 30 days fishing pretty hard around Bay River I've changed my mind. Three of my Albertos failed, on the cast. Two were topwaters, so I got my lures back, one sent a Dine to the bottom never to be seen again. No fish were lost, but easily could have been.
I'm certain the failures were the result of stiff fingers and poor eyesight, but if you can't tie it properly it's not a good knot. Went back to the uni to uni and had no more failures. It takes twice as long for me to tie, and I had to (re)learn, the hard way, to trim the tags close, as well as going back to short leaders so the knot does not go through the guides on the cast.

Which brings me to the good service part. As a result of not trimming the tags, and shooting the uni/uni through the guides I knocked the ceramic insert out of the tip of one rod, and put the final touch on a guide which had been bent and straightened too many times on another rod. My 2 ML trout rods out of action!
All was not lost, I knew Brett - AKA Carolina Custom Rods - had moved operations to New Bern. Had to make a trip home for a couple days and hoped that Brett could get me going during the break. He could and he did! Gave him a call, described the circumstances and he told me to drop the rods off on the way home. He promised them to have 'em done by the time I came back through and he delivered! THANKS BRETT! Good service is getting harder and harder to find - great to know there's still a few who are committed to the customer!!!
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