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The new guy

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Hello my name is SGT Daniel Vinson, currently deployed to Bagram AFB, Afghanistan. I am a avid salt fisherman, I don't have a boat yet but I am searching for one on the market if anyone has any leads. Took my first solo off shore trip on R&R down in the keys. Anyway stationed at FT. Bragg with a condo in north Myrtle an can't wait to hit the water next spring. Any tips or advice I am all ears. Would definately like to join a fishing club and take a couple of tournaments. All the Way Airborne!!
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Welcome Daniel! I hope we can give a little taste of home. As for tips, direct questions work best but try paging through the saltwater forums or do a search for a particular type of fish, launch area, etc... Or just watch the Latest Posts and jump in when you see something interesting.

Good to have you with us and good to have you protecting us. Take Care!
Welcome aboard and thank you for your service to our country!!
Welcome aboard. Check out our FAAN fishing network. Fayetteville area fisherman hanging out and sharing ideas. They (some other members) just got back last weekend from a salt water fishing expedition.
Welcome to the party! Thank you for the service to our citizens and for the sacrifice you, your fellow soldiers and your family makes each day to protect our freedoms!!!
Welcome aboard! I certainly appreciate your service to our country! May God bless you through your service to our country and bring you home safely!
Welcome aboard. We can't thank you guys enough. What boats are in the running? I'll try to help you look if you can narrow the field down.
Welcome Aboard Airborne!!! Like Coach said we have just started the Fayetteville Angler's Network a few months ago. Just to share trips and information with each other. Check out our sub-forum here at NCangler. Memebership is free of charge. Just PM me your contact info and I will add you to our e-mail list. What kind of boat are you looking for(Bay, Flats, or other) What length?

All the Way!!!!
Thank you for stepping up and taking it to them.I am free to go any where I want in the USA. Most countres cant say that ,because they don't have people like you.
GOD bless you
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