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The Quest for number 200

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Prior to last night I was stuck on 199 LMB for the year. I was thinking about heading to a new park pond I have discovered but really didn't want number 200 to be a dink, so I headed over to Lake Lynn in search of a quality bass for number 200.

Met up with a couple of other buddies who had been there for over an hour and all they had to report was one nibble. I got there about 8PM and with the overcast I decided to start throwing the buzz bait. Worked behind the bridge and all over that area with no luck. Decided to try the speed craw T rigged and again not a bite. Decided ok lets try that red shad senko it never fails me and oh well it did.

The other two gave up about 9Pm but i was determined to catch anything now. I headed over to one of my favorite areas that hasn't produced even a miss in the last two weeks just hoping to latch into one. By the time I got to the spot it was now 915 and getting dark. I started my usual pattern of working parallel to the bank and than out toward the lake.

On my third cast BAM fish nails the buzz and off it goes. Its pretty dark out so I couldn't really see it much but could tell from the fight and drag going out it was in the 5-6 range. Fish gives a wonderful fight and goes airborne a few times. I finally get it near the shore and confirm its clearly 5-6 pound range. As I am moving down to lip it my foot slips on the rocks I lose a little tension on the rod and splash splash it goes and now off the hook and gone. My heart was broken as number 200 was a quality fish and was a great fight.

So now after cursing and getting my composure I am determined I am staying at the lake until I get number 200. About 5 casts later I feel line go bump and realize I had one just miss on the buzz bait. I am starting to think its not my night and its now approaching 10PM. Finally on a toss parallel to shore and through a shallow area I feel a tug and can tell immediately its a small fish. Finally get it landed and it was a little 1 pounder. Tried to take a photo but have found the flash and holding a fish still when its pitch dark doesn't make much for a good picture. I almost attached it but all ya can see is the buzz bait and the outline of a bass holding onto it.

Decided to call it a night since I had achieved my goal however just wish I had been paying more attention on the first one since I know were those rocks are and have never slipped on them before however I think all the rain added the extra slip factor.

Oh well now its time to work on getting to 300 for the year but right now the bass seem to be pretty lock jawed so hoping the rain and cooler weather gets the water stirred and the bass feeding.

Till next time.
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200 for the year?!? Congrats. I'll take a tenth of that count for the remaining summer please...

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Carry on those are some impressive numbers

Carry on those are some impressive numbers

I hope so but seems like the big ones aren't biting and neither are the dinks. I think tonight I am going to try someplace different than lake Lynn
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