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the skunks smell is gone

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Originally I was going to fish falls lake in a boat however a battery issue changed plans. So I headed to the lake and went after bass from the banks. Third cast nice quality fish on and off. Fifth cast a nice 1.8 pounder. Worked for two hours and ended up with four bass all 1.5 to 2 range. Also landed one crappie all on red eye shads. Decided to go crappie fishing at night and did nice got about 6 slabs, six other decent size and a few good sized white perch. All and all a good day fishing. my buddy landed about a 4 pound bass in minnows but it was released for another day. He only got about 4 slabs but he had a bucket full of white perch.
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Sounds like plan 2 worked well, and a good day was had.
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Congrats, I wish I had the same luck today.
Good deal,

I finally kicked of my skunk Sunday, not by much but things are picking up.

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