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The spring kings are thick now!

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didn't make it out saturday.....too choppy. went out sunday morning and did well. we ended up boating 11 kings (brought home limit -6- and released the rest), 3 spanish, 2 bonita and several bottom fish.

guys its time to go before the h-canes show up and mess things up.

if anyone else is it up! i'll share what i know if will help, although my little bit of experiance is not gonna go far.;)


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Nice catch Gator Man. I've got a vacation coming up June 6th, hope to be on Topsail the whole week. The pier I fish on has already caught a small King and a Cobia. They're also catching some nice Blues in the 8-10 lb. range.
pier dweller,
i'll be down the whole week of the 5th thru the 10th also. if i fish on the pier, it is usually the sea view on north topsail. maybe we'll see ya there.
Gator Man, what kind of spead and bait do you use. I can't go much more than 3 miles off shore trolling. (Scared....) Wind was very rough last weekend off Shackleford. Didn't get a hit. Using rigged ballyhoo.
cwood,,,,when the spring kings show up, all you need to know is hardware. yozuri's,,,stretch 25's,,,,drone is not necessary to spend money on natural bait in the early part of the season. right now however the water temp is up and i use both.

as far as speed goes,,,,, i'll pull my plugs between 5.5 and 6.5 mph.hth
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Gator Man do you use planer or just let the lure go down on its on new to this type fishing. Got a 17ft Carolina Skiff 50p, trying to learn, I need all the help I can get. Thanks Sonny
hey sonny,,,sorry about the late reply. i don't have internet service at my camper at sneads ferry. i don't use planers when i'm pulling the stick baits. i usually use them when i'm spanish fishing. for kings, i pull one down rigger and the rest on the surface.
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