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well this is the whole story in one post...
buggs report
went to buggs island the other weekend and caught 6 stripers,2 bass,1 catfish,and 1 white bass.all were small but alot of fun to catch.the fish were caught trolling down around nutbush creek.also i hear alot of people catching fish pretty much everywhere on the lake.some were caught around the dam area and then some were caught up at the powerline,and some were caught up at grassy creek. the main thing is that the fish were scattered and i was only marking small schools of fish.

jordan report
well the word on jordan is that the fish are biting pretty good. the times are a little really depends on when and where you are on the lake as to the fish. but the fish have been biting some days really good in the morning and then some days really good in the evening.i went the other day and boated 4 and had 4 or 5 more that got off.most of them were in the 4 to 6 lb range but there have been some a little bigger that have been caught.
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