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The fall fishing is starting to heat up. Are you ready for some great surf fishing this year and are you tired of those cheap, thin plastic sand spikes breaking, chipping and just not lasting long at all? I was and came up with a new design on an old product.

These are made of schedule 40 pvc, have a flared top end and mitered end to go in the sand. They even come with a solid zinc coated metal pin that adjusts due to the length of your rod but. That way, your reel is not sitting on the spike. They even include a very easily detachable and washable crying, I mean hand towel.

This will be the last sand spike you will need for many, many years to come. There's plenty in stock and I can even make a custom length if you're interested. 36" for 19.95 and 48" for 24.95

I sincerely appreciate you looking at the ad. Most orders will ship out that day or the very next business day via UPS ground.

Hayden (919)961-7781 or [email protected]
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