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My folks went out west to a family wedding where the guests received welcome bags with this card. Its decorated with a custom fly tied by the groom's Montana-based father, using this year's hot pattern:

Insect Arthropod Rectangle Font Art

The fly was poked through the card stock, giving the gift bag some extra personalization.

They brought it back and gave it to me - what did you think I would do with it? Hung it below a clear little float that I've been tinkering with for various applications and made sure it worked.

Vertebrate Fish Ray-finned fish Grass Tail
Insect Fish Fin Water Tail

Works just fine.

Not sure what the pattern is.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea for other tiers who might be involved in weddings or other events that could use a touch of fishing class :)


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It seems it is correctly referred to by both names mentioned and is pretty effective in black, and brown variegated chenille bodies. Can find it with a variety of "legs" and colors and in different sizes as well. For some folks it's almost always one of their two flies on a tandem rig.
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