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Yes, even Dr H needs therapy. After trying to mitigate damage caused by a new (but way cool) Red X Angler on another thread combined with some major league stress at work, I decided on a last minute evening trip into my remote honey hole. A buggy and brush infested proposition to be sure. Waded out knee deep for room to cast, said hello to a world record snapping turtle who popped up nearby and tossed a fluke. Yes, catfish will eat anything.

Moved out to an underwater point with access to some deeper water. Switched to a crappie colored Storm swimbait and landed this fat lady, somewhere around the 6 pound mark I guess.

Just for giggles I switched to a swimbait at the opposite end of the color spectrum. Bass didn't care. This fish, though not as large, was extremely strong. Gave a better fight than the fat girl. After an hour of fun I admired a wild flower before busting back through the brush to the truck. Therapy session complete.

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