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Three or four possibles for a new kayak

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So I'm looking at upgrading my kayak, I've had a cheaper pelican for about a year and know what I really want in a kayak. I've seen a lot of good things said about the Jackson Cuda 14 and if there was any one I could have it would be that kayak. That being said its a few hundred above my budget but not out of the question, if I can get my hands on a used one! Also I have been looking at the Wilderness ride 135, Malibu x-factor and manta ray 12. Basically what I'm really looking for is the best tracking and most comfort. No so much speed or stability as I can't stand in a kayak. Any pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.
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I just bought a ride 135 about 3 weeks ago. Had it out 3 times now. This is my first yak, first time ever being in a kayak. And I can stand and paddle/fish in that thing. The only downside is it is a little heavy at 87lbs. No big deal though. All three of my outings in it have been all day floats. It tracks well, has decent speed, and it's stable. I fish with both legs thrown over one side, standing, whatever. Where you located? I'd be more than happy to let you paddle it if we're close. I'm in Asheville.
Also, I got mine on Craigslist, brand new, stickers still on it. With a brand new paddle and pfd. It's the max angler edition with the yakattack geartrac and mighty mounts, a visi carbon pro light, and zooka tube. Got it for $900. Not sure of your budget, but I thought that was a pretty darn good deal. So look Around, there are deals out there.
Okay yea I've been looking at some off CL, few jackson cudas but they have possible buyers and a few hundred bucks above my budget. My budget is right around yours, 800-1000 is what I'm willing to drop. It too worried about weight as it will be transported using my truck and via cart. Unfortuently I'm in jacksonville. Big reason I want that Cuda Is that hi/low lawn chair seat, lol.
Wilderness just started putting the air ride max high/low seats in their kayaks. I don't have the high/low. Mine is just the air ride low and it's a comfortable seat. No fatigue in it. Too bad you're so far away, I think you'd like the ride 135 or if you wanted something a little smaller and lighter, the ride 115. But I don't think you'd go wrong with anything you're looking at.
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