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Tiger Elite + Penn Pursuit for Pier?

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Would a 7' Ugly Stik, Tiger Elite Spinning Rod, Heavy Action, 14-40lb test, 1-5oz paired with a Penn Pursuit IV 4000 Spinning Reel with a 6.2:1 gear ratio with 15lb. mono be a good multi-purpose pier rod.

I am looking to put together a combo for my wife to throw Gotcha Plugs and 2 hook bottom rigs.
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That would be a cost effective solution for the bottom fishing duties, especially if it is only going to get occasional use. That rod might be overkill for the smaller fish you will catch at the pier—but if she hangs something big it will do the job.

I used the Penn Pursuit reels, in several sizes, for many years. For the money, they gave me good service, but now I much prefer the Penn Fierce and Penn Battle reels. Of course, they are about twice and three times the cost of the Pursuit. Maybe if she really gets into the fishing a new rig would make a nice gift.

For pitching Gotchas, I would suggest you downsize to a 6 or 6.5 foot medium action rod, with a size 2500 reel spooled with 10 pound mono, and a wire leader with a snap at the end so she can change baits easily. I don’t think she will get much distance casting lures on the heavy Tiger stick rod. And it will probably wear her out with the repeated casting and retrieving. You can probably find a reasonably priced combo at Dicks or Academy or Wal-Mart for around $50. Regarding the use of monofilament, Inshore I use 15 pound braid with a fluoro leader, but at the pier I use mono so I can more easily break off if some knucklehead casts over me and pulls my rig into a piling.
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My main pier rod is a 6'-6" BPS Brawler with a Daiwa BG4000 and 30 lbs. braid. It'll do anything that requires hoisting but is surprisingly agile when throwing Gotcha's (wasn't expecting that in a ride around in the car combo for stopping at piers). That rod was pretty cheap when I bought it five or so years back, but had FUJI components and the reel has held up just fine. I've even used the combo in the surf when it was all I had with me. OH
Old Hunter, why 30 lb test? I have fished over 50 years and never used over 10 lb test line. I have landed Red Drum in the 20 lb category and had a problem.
Huffman, my opinion is that the 30 lbs. braid is a good size for a general purpose pier and surf reel, also an appropriate size for that size reel (BG4000). Those reels are attached to short surf rods to fit in my hatchback car. I do use quite a bit 10 lbs braid on my inshore reels. OH
I had just wondered since I han never used that heavy of a line
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