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time to stretch the boat legs

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Headin up to Jordan lake in the afternoon tommorrow
If anyone's up that way, holler at us on the vhf
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Nice day at the lake

Was a nice day to run around on the lake... didnt do too much fishin, troll'd a bit for stripe bass, but nada. 3 boats up under the 64 bridge catchin hybrids (wipers?)

Was a bit breezy and a little chilly, but fun none the less to run the boat.
All in all its been a pretty mild winter. Last week I noticed bluegills hanging around the shallow part of a cove getting some sun. Not there today though. AL
Any word on crappie at Jordan??
Just wonderin if they moved in around the bridges yet
When you refer to "the bridges", would that include the SR 1008 bridge beside Crosswinds? I was thinking about trying to find some from the public dock beside the church, sometime... See how close I could cast to the riprap and the artificial structure...

I have no idea when's a better time than another... at least, not for the fish.

Yeah Lefty,

I saw a few boats up at the north end of the lake, what I call the north bridge (not the one further east, I think the 751 bridge, but the one up past the stump field and over to the right, and of course the 64 bridge (middle of the lake)

I only saw 2 boats over by the Pea Ridge bridge by Ebanezer ramp,, usually someones catchin somethin around those docks and rip rap along in there. there's an old road bed too if you go under the Pea Ridge bridge, it's just to the left about 200 yards near the channel.

Seem'd like the guys were catching wipers at the 64 bridge and not too much happenin at the others.

I know the bridge your talkin about by the marina,,, I've never fished up by there.

Coulda swore someone said crappie should be moving up by structure here in the next week or two... was thinkin of givin it a go.

right now I think any time the weather isnt unpredictable would be a good time to fish.. ha ha ha ha....
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Seems like if the weather's not uncomfortable, my schedule is. :(

I was asking about that dock for the basic reason that I'm land-locked. And I don't think now's the time of year to try swimmin' after them. :D

If we could get a couple of those warm sunny days, and if my schedule would get warm and sunny, I'd be all set! Oh well, that's why they call it a hobby and not a job, I guess.

he he, I hear ya Lefty... I think surface temp this weekend was 47 degrees... dont think anyone would be swimmin!!! :)

I've seen guy's catchin crappie at the Ebenezer ramp docks, some pretty deep pockets at the end of those ramps where alot of folks power on to the trailers. That'd be a good place to fish, or at least worth a shot.

Tell ya what, I'll give a shout out next time when I head to the lake, if you know where to fish, I'll get ya there (I stink at freshwater stuff), would be happy to have ya come along on a trip.
Wellcraft Dave said:
if you know where to fish, I'll get ya there
Now it's my turn to chuckle. All I've ever fished on Jordan was that one public dock, one time, and all I caught was rocks. But I know on NCAngler someone posted a photo of a map of Jordan with spots marked with red X's. Turns out that someone was, um, YOU.

I guess that wouldn't help add much. :D
He he,, yeah, that chart dont work worth a spit.... ha ha ha... ;)

the only luck I've had on Jordan is on some points and in some back coves up in the river and on the north part of the lake (small bass, yellow perch, hybrids).

Fished around that old road bed up by the north bridge... nada
Fished over and around the Vista Point launch area... some catfish
Fished them artificial reef deals (marked by bouys).. nada
trolled the deep creek channels with bucktail jigs for stripers... nada, nothin but hang ups and lost jigs
Caught rocks too at 3 of the bridges up there

I keep trying,, but for some reason just cant grasp the freshwater thing. But hey, that's why they call it fishin, not catchin.

There's alot of stucture in Jordan, just cant seem to catch any thing.... my 5 yr old out fishes me up there.... it's crazy.
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I've had the same luck every time I was on Jordan. Just gotta remember how much pressure it gets over the course of the year factored in with the hybrids. That fish has no predators and works all the other species over.
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