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I first discovered Titan Tungsten through an ad on Facebook for a Pro (promotional) Staff position and offer of free packs of fishing weights. I applied, got accepted, and ordered my pack of free weights. I ordered a pack of 5 1/16th ounce bullet weights which came in after only 3 days. This was, by far, the fastest shipping that I have ever seen. The packaging wasn't much different than other brands that I have used in the past so, at first look, I wasn't that impressed. That changed once I opened the package and took a closer look at the weights.

The first thing I noticed was the feel of the weights. I have used tungsten weights before but these felt different. The patented no-chip coating felt heavy and flawlessly smooth, much different than other brands that feel like they were sprayed with some cheap spray paint. Other brands of tungsten weights have a habit of chipping when taken out of the package. That's why they use those blister packs that don't allow the weight to move against the others. With Titan Tungsten, I don't have to worry about that happening. I can put all of my Titan Tungsten weights in a tackle box and have a scratch-less or chip-less weight when ready. In my experience, no other tungsten weight can do that.

Next I noticed the, first in industry, stamp with the Titan Tungsten logo and weight size. I had never seen this before. This has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. As a tournament fishing co-angler, I would remove weights from their packages in order to save space in my tackle bag. Due to that, I had a bad habit of forgetting what weight was what or get them mixed together. We all know either is a pain. Now I can mix all of my weights together and see what I have without having to guess. Since then I have noticed that several companies began to stamp their weights as well.

Comparing the Titan Tungsten worm weight to another brand of tungsten and a lead weight, of the same weights, I could tell a significant size difference. The lead weight was the largest as expected. What really surprised me was the size difference between the tungsten weights. The Titan Tungsten worm weight was taller and slimmer than the other brand.

I could tell a big difference after a few uses. As you can see above, the lead weight is dinged quite a bit. Most of which is from beating against other weights in the package. The other brand of tungsten weight's coating chipped a lot and caused it to rust rendering the weigh practically useless. The Titan Tungsten weight, however, still looks new!

I am so glad that I applied to be on Titan Tungsten's Pro Staff! Whether you're a tournament or recreational angler you should take advantage of such an exceptional product. There isn't that much difference in price than other leading brands and they are much more durable.

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