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Today Matt, John, and myself headed out to the beach to do some shark fishing before the storms offshore started to push in some heavy surf. John put out the 14/0, I put out the 9/0, and Matt had out the 6/0. We both had out some casts baits too. About an hour in Johns 14/0 went to screaming. He put on the fighting belt and headed to the dunes with it. It ran off about 400 yards of line before he was able to start gaining some line back. Once he got it back to the bar thats where things got interesting. It was low tide and there is usually about 2' foot of water on the bar. He fought him for almost an hour trying to get him over the bar. Once over the bar we could tell it was a huge shark. We got him up in the surfline and I went and did my thing. I slipped the tailrope over and it took all three of us to pull it up. It was a 10'2" bullshark! That was the biggest of the year so far. I had a couple things I had to do so I packed up and left and about an hour after that John called and said he put another bullshark on the beach at 9'9". Not a bad afternoon on the beach. Matt and I went back about dark but the seas were angry and pushing our baits right back to the beach. Ill have to put up the second bullshark when John sends me the pic. Brad

Johns 10'2" Bullshark. You guys still sure you want to swim in the ocean lol.

That could take an arm or leg.
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