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Lost two biggies Monday night and last night was slow with I think two bites. Set out tonight with the waders and worked a few newer spots. First spot something big was splashing near shore under branches tossed in a wacky rigged worm and ended up with a dink. I think the dink was what the bigger one was after.

decided to keep working the area and as I was lifting the worm out of the water something of size took a swipe at it. Tried working all around the area and no more hits. Moved over to a lay down area I found and have had great success but all I could land was a real dink. For a while I thought I had a stick on but than noticed it seemed to be moving yanked it and sure enuf a dink it was no more than 1/4 pound but hit the 6 inch worm.

decided it was time for topwater action hooked up the buzzbait now equipped with a trailer hook. First cast along some reeds and just before I lift it out of water near a log bam a nice 1.5 pounder grabs it and runs around like its pants were on fire. Moved to another spot after no further action and last toss of the night running along the bank lands a 1 pounder. Both fish were hooked on the trailer so I guess that was a good decision.

The trailer hook almost cost me the lure I got hung up on that log later but was able to move around enuf to set it free. Nothing of any size tonight but good to get some action versus last night that was totally dead.

will be heading out early Friday morning since I have a golf tournament this weekend so won't get to fish at all till maybe Sunday night
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