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Probably my hardest day of fishing and I didn't even catch one but tried to put a friend on some fish. She's wanted to catch a drum for so long but every time we go out she catches everything but drum and it never happens. Not expecting to be out all that long we left wrightsville beach boat ramp at 9 am with some leftover mcdonalds breakfast. The first 3 spots I went to had someone sitting in them already and with the wind blowing hard I had a full time job finding bait and keeping the boat where it needed to be. I haven't been out much lately and with the season starting to change I really struggled to find some drum. After endless lizard fish and short flounder and a trip from figure 8 down to carolina beach she finally got her drum about 5pm! It wasn't a monster but it was 22" and caught on cut mullet on a red magic jig head.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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